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 Pro-Edge Floor Covering  provides the Rouge Valley with the most environmentally friendly floor covering service available. We strive to provide the absolute best customer service, and the most professional, competitive, and green option for your floor covering experience. Along with valuing the environment, we highly value, innovation, and professionalism. We intend to make the experience as pleasant, and stress free as possible. Pro-Edge Floor Covering will continue to provide service and apprenticeship across the Rouge Valley. We're a family business, and we'll continue offer our services for generations to come.

A Responsible Choice

   Environmentally friendly floor coverings are available through every flooring outlet. However these products aren't generally pushed because of less expensive options, and most customers don't inquire about the impact or sustainability of the product. Further, even when these products are sold, the underlayment, adhesives, and equipment used aren't generally environmentally friendly. By creating a brand that's clearly eco-conscious, like minded customers are presented with options they haven't seen,  

Welcome to our website

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